Cylindrical gears

Complete range of spur and helical internal or external gears with involute profiles, finish-machined by shaving or grinding up to DIN 3962 class 3 standards. Technical features:

 • Internal gears, finish-machined by cutting maximum work diameter 1000 mm height 800 mm

• ground internal gears: min.-max. grindable diameter 30 – 400 mm

• ground external/internal gears: Module 24 Max. diameter 400 mm

We can realize any type of lead or involute correction to meet your needs and can also supply duplex gearings. Complete constant-profile cavex and duplex worm and wheel sets, designed to standards or to your specifications.

Bevel gears

We produce spiral, hypoid and zerol bevel gears with any meshing angle and with lapped or ground profiles up to a max. 0 of 600 mm. We can HARD-FINISH bevel gears up to a 0 of 900 mm after heat treatment. We also supply curvic couplings.

Special gears

We manufacture finished spline shafts with involute profiles or parallel flanks up to 5000 mm if machine- finished by cutting or up to 2000 mm if machine-finished by grinding as well as:

• Face gears

• Crowned-tooth gear couplings

• Double-helical gears

• Ground-profile racks

• Ground sector gears